About us


Institute of Certified Business Analysts & Consultants (ICBAC) is a professional body mandated to train individuals to be Certified Global Business Analysts and Certified Business Consultant. It is a professional institute for the growing field of business analysis and Consulting. Our goal is to create greater awareness of the BA & BC profession by defining what is business analysis and Practicing Business Consulting effectively by working towards recognition of the value of the business analyst role globally and the performance of Business Consulting.

ICBAC programmes are well designed to address the professional and training needs of those who wish to be the brain behind moving businesses forward to achieve their core missions in a more strategic and cost effective way, as well as gain competitive urge in world of business.
Our programme is tailor-made; designed to address the peculiar needs of corporate sectors, organizations, existing/emerging industries, entrepreneurs, managers and all areas of business as a whole.

Facilitating continuous Business successes through practical Business knowledge.

The Institute of Certified Business Analysts & Consultants exist to facilitate individuals and organizations to achieve continuous success in a culture that guarantees initiative, learning and application of practical knowledge. To become the prime school for Business Analysts education in Ghana and West Africa to produce outstanding highly trained and honest Business Analysts Professionals, through training, professional standard setting, Research and Development and Advocacy

At ICBAC, we have the competencies to promote business growth globally through education, networking and innovative technologies.

We are able to these by:
• Providing comprehensive training in Business Analysis
• Working closely with global partners to promote business growth
• Collaborating with clients to analyze business challenges and co-search for sustainable solutions.
• Providing knowledge and skills in various aspects of business analysis
• Researching in business growth challenges and opportunities
• Providing a platform for business leaders to dialogue on innovative business intervention approaches.

We think that we have a challenging, exciting, and highly PROFESSIONAL program to offer you. And we believe that you will find the Institute not to have only exceptional teachers and scholars, but also highly accessible, helpful, and genuinely caring. The programme is a practical based and facilitators are to demonstrate the practicality of the course they facilitate.