Consulting Directors

Emmanuel Awusi Arthur

With an academic foundation anchored in a Master of Science degree in Supply Chain Management and a Bachelor of Science in Management Studies, Mr. Arthur has established himself as an authority in the realms of procurement and supply chain management. He has successfully amalgamated theoretical knowledge with practical insights, rendering him a well-rounded expert in his field.
As a testament to his professional prowess, he holds esteemed chartered memberships with several internationally recognized bodies, including: .
● The Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply, UK.
● The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport, UK.
● The Chartered Institute of Supply Chain Management, Ghana.
● The Ghana Institute of Procurement and Supply.
In addition to these accolades, Mr. Arthur is a Certified Business Analyst and Consultant, equipping him with a unique lens through which he approaches procurement challenges. With a career that spans both the public and private sectors, Mr. Arthur has garnered extensive experience in diverse procurement arenas. He currently holds the position of Head of Procurement at the Kwahu West Municipal Assembly, a testament to his capability in handling large-scale, public procurement processes. Simultaneously, he imparts his knowledge as a part-time lecturer at West End University College, nurturing the next generation of supply chain professionals. Beyond his regular duties, Mr. Arthur's entrepreneurial spirit shines through as the CEO of Bearing Point Consult. Under his leadership, the consultancy has provided invaluable insights to numerous stakeholders, further cementing his reputation as a thought leader in the field. Mr. Arthur seamlessly blends academic rigor, professional expertise, and an entrepreneurial drive to make meaningful contributions to the procurement and supply chain landscape. His research interests are both contemporary and critical, delving into areas like: Green Supply Chain, Big Data Analysis in Procurement, Procurement Risk Management, Circular Procurement, and Sustainable Procurement.