Consulting Directors

Dr. James Kofi Chamenyi

Dr. James Kofi Chamenyi is a distinguished professional renowned for his expertise in financial management, consultancy, and alternative dispute resolution. Holding a PhD in Accounting from City University, alongside Professional Doctorates in Project Management and Business Analysis and Consultancy, Dr. James embodies a commitment to academic excellence. His educational journey also includes dual Master of Business Administration degrees and a Bachelor of Science in Accounting & Finance, further supplemented by prestigious certifications such as Chartered Financial and Investment Analyst.

With over two decades of experience, Dr. James has excelled in various capacities, serving as a Mediator, Arbitrator, and Negotiator in Alternative Dispute Resolution at prominent legal institutions. Additionally, he holds key positions as Director of Finance at leading companies and contributes his expertise as a Marketing Consultant for notable organizations.

As the Chief Executive Officer and Lead Consultant at Cham Consult, Dr. James has provided invaluable consultancy services to various local and foreign organizations, specializing in Internal Auditing, Tax Advisory, and Accountancy. He has also held significant corporate roles, including Deputy Director for Consultancy & Advocacy at Supply Chain Management and Vice President at the Institute of Certified Business Analyst & Consultants.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Dr. James is deeply committed to humanitarian causes, serving as the Executive Director/President of After My Heart Global Foundation, Ghana. His dedication to excellence and continuous professional development has earned him numerous accolades, including the Best Student Award, International Human Rights Commission Award, and Supreme Supportive Father of Africa recognition.

Dr. James Kofi Chamenyi's remarkable achievements, dedication to humanitarian causes, and leadership excellence underscore his profound impact on both the business and humanitarian landscapes.

Dr. James Kofi Chamenyi has garnered numerous accolades throughout his distinguished career, including: Best Student Award (PhD in Accounting) from City University. International Human Rights Commission Award for his contributions to national peace and conflict resolution. Alumni Award from City University for his ongoing support and engagement. Supreme Supportive Father of Africa recognition for his exceptional parental role. First Employee Award from Quality Insurance Company in 1996. Humanitarian Award from After My Heart Global Foundation, USA. Governor’s Award for overall best student in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) from the Institute of Paralegal Training and Leadership Studies. Citation & Plaque for exemplary leadership as Vice President for Finance & Administration at the Institute of Certified Business Analysts and Consultancy. These honors underscore Dr. James' outstanding achievements, dedication to humanitarian causes, and leadership excellence.